scarecrow is my favorite fictional character in the entire world. he is a Batman/DC comic book villain who uses a fear toxin of his own design to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. he is an ex doctor with a tragic backstory and I am fucking obsessed with him. this page is dedicated to my obsession.

I have always had a thing for comics. when I was younger I was more into MARVEL (x-men, spiderman, wolverine mainly) but around the time The Dark Knight came out I made a total 180 into DC/Batman. at first I was super obsessed with the Joker, but after watching Batman Begins and seeing Cillian Murphy's performance as Doctor Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow, I had found a new fav.

for a long time I didn't care THAT much about the character, but over time I started becoming more and more interested in his comic origins. in 2014 I really started delving into the comics, starting with Year One: Scarecrow. now I only buy comics if he's in them + collect figurines!

scarecrow's year one origin story is my favorite one ever written for the character. I hate the new 52 one and honestly it can burn. some day I'll write a thesis on why it's so bad -- but that's a paragraph for another day!

in the year one origin story jonathan is subject to various traumas stemming from his overzealous christian grandmother. this is really fucked up and cool to read about, but also something I relate to in a personal way. I also admire how the character pushes past his own fears. he takes control of his life from a young age, and I wish I could do the same and overcome my fears like he did.

besides that, the character is just cool as fuck. he's an evil doctor which is one of my favorite tropes and he's super fucking smart and his toxin/aesthetic is mad cool. below you will find my fav panels/etc of the character.

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every non-comic appearance of Scarecrow ranked best to worst!