Richard Trenton Chase
Richard Chase was an American serial killer who went on a brief but destructive rampage in the late 70's. Chase killed six people over the course of one month, and drank their blood.

Blood was an extremely important part of Chase's life. As he grew older, his life basically revolved around obtaining and consuming blood and other flesh. MORE TO BE ADDED SOON. IN THE MEANTIME, THIS IS THE BEST RICHARD CHASE DOCUMENTARY AVAILABLE:

I became interested in Richard Chase after reading his section in "Supernatural Serial Killers." I had a vague knowledge of him before that based on conversations with my best friend THOUGHTCRIMES, but knew very little about his psychology and his victims. The section of this book detailed a particularly horrifying part of Chase's arrest, in which law enforcement tried to withdraw blood from his arm. Chase was deathly afraid of losing more blood -- he'd been injecting and drinking blood from humans and animals alike because he genuinely thought he didn't have enough flowing through his veins.

After reading that book, I soon watched the documentary above and began reading other things about Richard Chase. This case stands to be one of the most fascinating I know of, and the most horrific. It's my favorite one to study. There's so much that goes into it -- different things to look at. This entire ordeal is a great example of how bad the mental health care system was in America from the 50's to 70's. I like to think it's improved since then, but the fact that Chase was able to go untreated and unhelped for so long despite all the signs that were shown of illness and half-assed attempts to confront them is fucking insanity. This whole thing is fucking insanity.