Who the heck is Chad???

my pet leopard gecko Chadwick!!!!! gotten on Sunday 6/18/2023 beautiful baby boy only 5 years old he is a raining Red Stripe morph pos giant!!!! that's a bunch of fancy herpo words for "he's got a stripe n he's big."

This is a page dedicated to him whee I will post cool stuff he does n take a pic of him every day for maybe 100 days.

Chad I love you so much I would do anything for you on earth.

also to any readers: if you try to be shitty to me about my husbandry/enclosure/whatever I will rip your ballsack off. polite suggestions r welcome but if you hit me me some snotty "ermmm well ackshually" horseshit and Instagram infographics you will not recover !

Day 1