dis is my camera collection! I collect primarily VHS and Polaroid cameras. they make me feel very nostalgic because I used to love playing with our family camcorder as a kid. and I just like polaroids cuz I remember having one as a kid. sometimes I film with my VHS ones too!!! and make videos 4 my original characters or edgy mini art films.

this is my barbie polaroid!!!! this was the first polaroid camera I had as a child but ended up losing it. I found this one at a flea market and was so happy!!!! this is such a cool camera!!!!

this is my most recent camera purchase!!!! I got it at a yard sale 4 only a couple dollars!! it was just laying on the ground. I also got the test pictures they took w/ the camera before selling on some OLD OLD OLD film! they're super weird n cool.

photographed on my cute mousepad from thoughtcrimes! <3

this is my childhood camcorder! this is where the obsession began. I made so many dumb stupid movies with my friends on this thing!!! I still have one or two. I actually lost this camera only to have a family friend accidentally return it to me when they found out I collected VHS cameras. idk how that happened but I'm glad it did!!!! I luv my jvc supervhs. <3