colton harris moore (aka the barefoot bandit) was a teenager who ran away from a halfway house and toured the west coast and beyond. he spent the next two years stealing, highjacking, and eluding police capture. colton taught himself to fly planes (and stole 5,) drive boats, and survive in the wild. he had several run-ins with police over the course of his criminal career, but managed to escape over and over again until finally being cornered in the bahamas on one of his stolen boats. continued escapes from the police eventually lead to many people rooting for him -- and this rocketed him into being a dreaded "folk hero." in other words, he was everything we wanted to be and couldn't. he's best known for never wearing shoes, hence the name, which he later came to embrace, even taking the time to draw bare foot prints on his crime scenes. despite all of colton's thievery, he never hurt anybody.

this is an AMAZING documentary about the whole ordeal and originally introduced me to the saga. it's definitely worth your time to watch it!