actor! graphic designer! writer! edgelord! rot enthusiast! sexually confused! ancient alien theorist! conspiracy theorist! govt critic! old web nostalgiafag! comic book hater! generally unpleasant! blackpilled! nihilist! extroverted to a fault! chronic oversharer!

i've accumulated an obscene number of online monikers by now, but for this website we're going with "EXE."

i like gross shit. i love to read/watch/write/create unpleasant content. i want to be friends immediately. i want to swap personalities. i want to exchange parts. please. i really like teeth -- please show me YOUR teeth. show me pictures of your local garbage. show me pictures of your favorite vegetable.

i collect a lot of stuff. i like even more stuff. and that all has pages you can click through. i love to expose intimate parts of my life on the web! )